House Dems Poised To Pick Up Seats in 2016, But How Many Will It Be?

From the Michigan Information & Research Service:

In November 2010, House Republicans swung 20 seats, the largest change in seats since 1964. Now, six years later, many of those 2010 winners will term out. And Republicans will have to defend that historic victory in a presidential election year.

Meanwhile, Democrats will be charging hard to win back majority in November 2016. To do that, they will have to flip nine GOP-held seats. To tie at 55-55, they'll need to swing eight. 

The map of open seats favors Democrats. The fact that it's a presidential year that will bring higher turnout favors Democrats. And Democrats have already had some victories on the candidate-recruiting trail. 

[MIRS listed the 101st District as the 7th most likely to switch parties (the first six are all also currently held by Republicans), meaning this seat could play the decisive role in determining control of the State House, and with it, the future of our state.]