Scripps looks for support in Benzie County

From the Benzie County Record Patriot

FRANKFORT – More than 50 people attended a meeting with Democrat Dan Scripps, who is seeking support for his bid to reclaim the 101st District Michigan House of Representatives seat.

At the meeting at Grow Benzie on Dec. 9, Scripps spoke about a variety of issues he would address, if elected, including affordable housing, access to daycare, living wages and the redistricting process.

“Growing jobs is important, and we’ve got to make sure we’re growing income at the same time,” Scripps said. “I also want to focus on supporting local schools, protecting the environment and re-connecting people with state government.”

According to Scripps, several bills circulating the Michigan House and Senate are prohibitive to participation in elections, including the proposed elimination of straight-party voting and changes in how absentee voters apply for a ballot.

Under current law, absentee voters must be 60 years of older; be out of town when the polls are open; be an election worker; or be unable to vote on Election Day due to a physical disability, religious tenets or incarceration. The proposed bill, recently passed 59-46 by the House would let voters apply for an absentee application in person at their local clerk’s office, without needing a reason.

However, Scripps said the requirement to go to the clerk’s office could be prohibitive, because the applicant would have to do it every year.

“Every day, they are putting up new barriers to voting,” Scripps said.

He also said redistricting was a problem, and needed to be put back in the hands of the people.

“Too often now, politicians are choosing the voters, not the other way around,” Scripps said.

Scripps, who lives in Northport, served as representative in 2009 and 2010, lost the seat to Ray Franz in 2010. An attorney by background, Scripps currently works with the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council.